Name: Racheal McCormick

Title:  Sales Manager

Company: BKM Office Environments

Responsibilities: Sales, Operations, Office personnel

Education and Certifications: Bachelors from UCSC – Global Economics

Membership Type: Associate

Years you have been a Member of SFV IFMA:3

Other Organizations you belong to: IIDA, SCDF

Community Activities: Food Share, Big Sister/Big Brother, Adopt a highway

Charitable Activities or Organizations you belong to: Casa Pacifica, Dignity Health Golf Tournament, CSUCI donors, etc.

 Have you been published in journals or other publications?  If so, in which ones and on what topics(s)? No.

What prompted you to join San Fernando Valley Chapter IFMA(specific membership benefit, company sponsored, recommended by a co-worker or peer, etc.)? Really enjoy the people within this organization.  Great group of individuals and programs are always successful.  Wanted to get involved on a committee initially then grew to Board position.

Do you (or have you) volunteered/served on any committees for San Fernando Valley Chapter IFMA or participated in another Chapter or National IFMA Councils or Committees? Yes.

How has your for San Fernando Valley Chapter IFMA  membership benefited you and/or your career? Yes; every program brings new insight and a different view to the changing topics within today’s work environment and facilities.  I’ve also met some very experienced and educated individuals who are a great support system for day to day tasks of my job.  Bring involved with the board has also given me the opportunity to build on relationships and learn more about IFMA as a larger organization.

Personal hobbies? Running with my dog, CrossFit, Country Music Concerts, and time with my family/friends.

What is a unique or fun fact about you? I was born in Texas and oldest of 3 girls.