Member Spotlight

Name: Rodney Stone
Title: President
Company: Environetics
Responsibilities: Marketing & Financial
Education and Certifications: Pratt Institute, CID, Assoc. AIA
Membership Type: Professional Member
Years you have been a Member of SFV IFMA: Since 1988
Other Organizations you belong to: ASP, CoreNet, AIA
Community Activities: None
Charitable Activities or Organizations you belong to: Back On My Feet

Have you been published in journals or other publications?  If so, in which ones and on what topics(s)?

Buildings Magazine – Southern California Facilities – The Evolving Office
McMorrow Report – The Times They Are A-Changing
OfficeInsight – Driving Cultural Change in the Workplace
Building Operating Management – With a Workplace Redesign, Focus on Occupant Needs

What prompted you to join San Fernando Valley Chapter IFMA(specific membership benefit, company sponsored, recommended by a co-worker or peer, etc.)?

It was an accident. My membership was transferred from New York in 1988.

Do you (or have you) volunteered/served on any committees for San Fernando Valley Chapter IFMA or participated in another Chapter or National IFMA Councils or Committees?

Have been on numerous committees and Board Positions since 1998. Have been President  on 2 occasions. Have been President of the IT Council for 3 years. Active member of the Corporate Real Estate Council.
Computer Applications Council (Currently IT Council)
Corporate Real Estate Council
IFMA SFV Golf Chairperson
IFMA Foundation Fundraising Committee
Chapter President
Chapter Vice President
Membership Chair
Programs Chair

How has your San Fernando Valley Chapter IFMA membership benefited you and/or your career?

It has benefited me in that I have been able to meet a lot of wonderful people. It has helped my career by keeping me relevant through the information and knowledge I gain through the programs and conferences.

Personal hobbies?

Gardening and woodworking

What is a unique or fun fact about you?

I love going to spas.

Speaking Engagements:

  1. Workplace Strategies – IFMA SFV – 04/10/07
  2. Neocon – August 2007
  3. UC Irvine – 08/16/08
  4. IFMA CREC Council – 04/02/09
  5. TechEd – March 2009
  6. ASP – August 2009
  7. IFMA Facility Fusion – 04/13/10
  8. ASP – May 2013
  9. ASP – May 2014