Past Member Spotlight

Name:  Irene Thomas-Johnson

Title:  Senior Vice Present

Company:  JLL (Jones Lange LaSalle)

Responsibilities:  Strategic development of solutions across several disciplines including facilities maintenance, project management, space planning, transactions, and leasing.  Responsibilities include meeting with and presenting to clients of all levels throughout an organization including CEOs, presidents, procurement leads, and consultants.

Education and Certifications:

–       Bachelor of Arts Degree – UCLA

–       Building Operator’s Certification

Seminars and Training: Facilities Management, Human Resources Management, Construction Project Management, Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits, Electrical Safety, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Siemens Technology Insight DDC Training, Energy Management, Lean Six Sigma.

Membership Type: Associate

Years you have been a Member of SFV IFMA: 4 years

Other Organizations you belong to:

–       Santa Clarita Child & Family Center Foundation

–       UCLA Alumni Association

–       International Association of Facilities Museum Administrators (IAFMA)

Community Activities:

–       Board Member of Child & Family Center Foundation

–       Director of the Santa Clarita Century Bicycle Ride

–       Chair of the Registration Committee for the Taste of the Town

Charitable Activities or Organizations you belong to:

–       Child & Family Center Foundation

–       Santa Clarita Valley Bicycle Coalition

 Have you been published in journals or other publications?  If so, in which ones and on what topics(s)? 

–       Santa Clarita Magazine for the Santa Clarita Century Bicycle Ride & Expo (March 2012).

–       Produced a video for the City of Santa Clarita for the Santa Clarita Century Bicycle Ride & Expo (March 2013)

–       Santa Clarita Gazette – Hero of the Week (June 2014)

What prompted you to join San Fernando Valley Chapter IFMA(specific membership benefit, company sponsored, recommended by a co-worker or peer, etc.)?

I had been a member of IFMA several years ago but was never very active.  Four years ago it was recommended by a co-worker that I get back involved with IFMA.  In doing so I felt strongly that I needed to get involved in order to fully reap the benefits of being a member of the San Fernando Valley Chapter.

Do you (or have you) volunteered/served on any committees for San Fernando Valley Chapter IFMA or participated in another Chapter or National IFMA Councils or Committees? 

Yes I have been Secretary, Vice President, Treasurer, and now Chapter Present.  I have also participated as a mentor for the Hospitality Committee and Education Committee.

How has your for San Fernando Valley Chapter IFMA  membership benefited you and/or your career? 

Being a member of the Chapter has afforded me the opportunity to gain insight and knowledge about how facilities management as a career is benefiting business everywhere.  As a member I have participated in Facility Fusion and World Work Place on many occasions and have networked far a wide.  I have also taken advantage of the offered webinars and learning series which have further strengthened my knowledge.

Personal hobbies? 

I love the outdoors and get out every chance I enjoy bicycling, hiking, and backpacking.  I also love to dance and partake in Zumba classes thru 24 Hour Fitness.

What is a unique or fun fact about you?

I love the outdoors and have hiked the Great Wall of China, hiked Mount Whitney in Bishop California three times, and raced by bicycle in Masters World completion in San Tirol Austria.