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The membership at the SFV Chapter of IFMA represents many business, studios, historic and event locations! Need more reasons why to become a member.

There are many memberships available from Students, Retirees and Associate (Business Professionals) in addition to FM’s. We welcome all of you!

See membership descriptions here.

A special Thank You to all of our Renewing Members!
You are the backbone of our chapter and we have high renewal rate.


  • Professional – Working in the Facilities Profession
  • Associate – Representation of a manufacturer, vendor, dealer, distributor; and/or provider of facility-related products and/or services
  • Student – Candidates who are engaged in full-time study at an accredited college or university
  • Retired – Previously worked in the facilities profession
  • Young Professional – Under age 35, new or current members. This membership may not exceed 5 years.


  • Representation: As the leading authority on facility management, IFMA has a worldwide presence and collaborative relationships to promote awareness and impact trends affecting Facility Management
  • Industry-specific councils facilitate information sharing in a specific area of interest
  • Publications: Discounts to IFMA Bookstore products, subscriptions to Facility Management Journal and IFMA News monthly newsletter
  • Professional Development offerings and career consultation
  • FM Competency Courses offered on-line
  • Topic specific Audio Seminars with on-demand option for archived seminars
  • Annual Education Based Conferences like Management Summit; Fall and Spring Symposiums
  • Certification: IFMA’s professional designations, the Facility Management Professional (FMP), and the Certified Facility Manager (CFM), set the standards for ensuring the knowledge and abilities of practicing facility managers
  • World Workplace Annual Conference & Expo: A world-class gathering of facility professionals, educators, students and companies
  • Online Resources: IFMA’s online member directory; job referral service; and online Buyer’s Directory



IFMA’s strength is in its worldwide network of 136 chapters.

As a member of the San Fernando Valley Chapter, you receive the following local benefits:

  • A local network of FMs and business partners
  • Educational opportunities including a variety of programs to fit your needs and your schedule
  • Career support
  • A chance to make a difference in the FM industry
  • Welcome opportunities to take a leadership or volunteer role
  • Opportunities to support Global Workplace Initiative & IFMA Foundation

Get started with the San Fernando Valley Chapter! Click here to create a new account today. The online registration form will walk you through the membership process. Be sure to select the San Fernando Valley Chapter! Put in bold Blue – then add: CA5 San Fernando Valley (Burbank) Chapter membership costs: Professional/Associate $102, Retired $82, Student $20, Young Professional $52. Click here to view Membership Dues for all IFMA Chapters.

By Scott Yollis, CFM (IFMA SFV Chapter Member & SFV Chapter Volunteer Photographer)

Many years ago, I asked myself the same question after accepting an invitation to my first meeting. At first glance, the room seemed full of very friendly vendors, not too unlike trade shows.   Initially, I felt like fresh meat but then I noticed and started talking to other FM’s, mostly from large local companies. They were all friendly and delightfully refreshing to talk to.

There is no other place where I can sit down with facilities professionals and talk shop with people who know what I go through every day; they get it. These aren’t “wanna be” FM’s. These are the people who grew up where the rubber meets the road and who really know what they are talking about. Their experience is second to none. I was amazed by the San Fernando Valley Chapter’s member list because those FM’s come from many of this area’s largest and most prestigious companies. FM’s who manage the Getty, Universal Studios, Green Dot, NBC Studios, Dole, The Packard Humanities Institute, Warner Brothers, The Hilton Foundation, and the list goes on and on.

It didn’t take me long to realize our chapter was a fantastic resource for advice from professional FM’s who have already done many of the things I’m considering doing at my company. There are seasoned FM’s from every type of company who attend regularly, and they are all very happy to share their experience with anyone in the group. Whether you’re not sure which HVAC solution would be best for your company or are just trying to understand what your company can or should not throw in the trash, there is no better unbiased and honest resource than our chapter’s FM’s.

That brings me to our vendor members. Yes, we have a lot of them, and they are the only vendors I can count on to tell me the truth. If they ever lied to us, everyone would hear about it. When I look for a new vendor, the first place I look is our chapter because they are all well respected local vendors whose reputations are on the line each time they advise our members or provide them with services. All good vendor relationships depend on some degree of give and take that involves trust, and our vendor members are not in the game to cut and run. They need the good press they get from our professional members. There is nowhere else I can go where I can sit down with a vendor who will tell me exactly what their pricing structure really is or who really does want to make sure I’m completely satisfied after the sale.

I get calls from other FM’s and vendors all the time, and if they are IFMA members, I ALWAYS take their calls and give them honest feedback. That’s a far stretch from the polite but abrupt “No thanks – I have to go” that the vast majority of callers get who aren’t IFMA members. Being an IFMA member means you can call many of the top FMs at big local companies and not get blown off.

There is another benefit too. Our meetings are fun in addition to being educational and all focused on topics that interest FMs. Whether we are reviewing current OSHA standards, learning about new open office standards, or touring someone else’s new or newly renovated facility, we are constantly being exposed to other company’s technology and innovations. Whether the topic is state-of-the-art power generation or a back stage tour of one of the most modern theaters in LA, our chapter is a great way to learn about it firsthand from the experts who build and maintain facilities.

Did I mention we are the fun chapter? It’s true, in addition to learning opportunities we also have a good number of social events just for fun. Of course members always talk a little shop too, but for us that’s part of the fun. Our leadership is about as approachable as you can get, and anyone who is interested in becoming part of the leadership team is welcome. There are no big ego’s here, just nice people who like to get together and talk about facilities stuff sometimes with a wine glass in their hand. Yes, we do wine tasting events too. Sometimes, it’s just nice to spend time together.

Scott Yollis, CFM is a current member of the IFMA San Fernando Valley Chapter and has over 20 combined years of Aerospace, Laboratory, Clean Room, Manufacturing, and office building management experience. He is a professional member of IFMA, a professional member of the National Contract Managers Association, and a previous steering team member of the South Bay Business Environmental Coalition. Scott has extensive regulatory experience, OSHA, AQMD, wastewater, fire department, HAZMAT, contract management, project management, continuous improvement, risk management, HVAC, Electrical to 4160v, power generators, UPS & PDU, plumbing, data center, and high rise experience. Scott is also our volunteer Chapter Photographer – Thank you Scott for the exceptional job and personal dedication to photographing our events!!!

As published in the IFMA San Fernando Valley Chapter 30th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet October 2017

By John C. Ritter, CFM, SFP – Facilities Operations Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric

Here are a few interesting facts about how IFMA has influenced my life both personally and professionally:

  • Dean Roth (DFS) brought me as a guest to my first IFMA Meeting…I think it was at CSUN back in 1995/96.
  • Dean also introduced me to his next door neighbor, Dana, who was a Customer Service Representative for the So Cal Gas Northern Region Headquarters in Chatsworth where she and I both worked but had never really met. We began dating several months later.  
  • Several months later, at one of my first IFMA meetings that year I won a pair of airline tickets to anywhere in the US. I used them to go to Maui and invited Dana to go with me.
  • Dana and I ended up getting married on October 2, 1998, which is also   Dean’s birthday (October 2).
  • We named our first son Garrett Dean Ritter who was born in 2005.

“Getting my CFM, SFP and Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from California State University San Marcos unquestionably created professional opportunities and elevated my 31-year career at So Cal Gas, San Diego Gas & Electric and Sempra Energy.” – John Ritter, CFM, SFP

John Ritter was SFV Chapter President from December 1997 through June/July 1999 and Utilities Council President 2014-2016. He is the immediate past president of the Utilities Council of IFMA and immediate past chair of the Doug Underwood/Utilities Council of IFMA which he chaired for over 10 years raising nearly $150,000 during that time for IFMA Foundation scholarships and expenses for students to travel to World Workplace. He is currently the San Diego Chapter of IFMA Mentorship Program Committee Co-Chair and an avid supporter of the IFMA Foundation.

As published in the IFMA San Fernando Valley Chapter 30th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet October 2017


In 2017, Rodney Stone completed 26 years as a continuous member of our Chapter! He is also our current Programs Chair and a highly valued part of our Chapter. The Chapter Board honored Rodney at our 30th Anniversary Celebration and Board Installation event with a keepsake celebrating his many years of service. Rodney also provided pictures and material from the past used for this publication. Thank you Rodney!!! We recently sat down with Rodney to learn more…

How did you happen to join the chapter? I was already a member of IFMA in New York when I moved here in 1988. They just transferred me to what was then called the Los Angeles North Chapter which eventually became the San Fernando Valley Chapter. I went to a couple of meetings but was not really involved. Sometime in 1991, I received a letter saying the chapter was looking to resurrect itself. I didn’t even know the chapter was dying, as I wasn’t paying that much attention. I took a long look in the mirror and told myself ‘if I am going to spend $300 every year I need to s*** or get off the pot’. So I decided to join the group of folks that wanted to bring the chapter back to life and decided to jump in the deep end and fully participate.

What do you like most about the San Fernando Valley Chapter? I think one of the things I like most about the SFV Chapter has a lot to do with me being a part of its rebirth. I wanted to watch it grow and tried to help it along in that growth. What I like now, is that it is in a really good place with people that care and people that are of a mindset to help the chapter grow and help the members learn and connect with each other.

What suggestions do you have for members to maximize their IFMA membership? Show up, participate on committees or on the board to expose yourself to the membership. You don’t need to take on a big task that is overwhelming, you just need to take on a small task and be successful at it. That success is recognized and you just keep repeating this and that’s how you stay relevant in the chapter. This is especially important for associate members – don’t hard sell to professionals. Befriend other associate members because they have clients that may require your service, and if you are active in the chapter the other members see you are active and that you do what you say you will. Professional members have people they’ve been working with for years. You have to constantly be around so if they are not happy at some point in time you have the opportunity to be there – but again, you have to be active to be recognized.

What is the most important and meaningful aspect of the IFMA SFV chapter as it relates to you personally and in your business? Personally, it goes back to what I said earlier – it’s been a learning experience, an opportunity to meet new friends. Even if it is just a business friend, it is still a friend no matter how you look at it. I have seen things I might otherwise have never seen like at some of the Behind the Scenes Tours. It all relates back to business. The personal side and the business side are interconnected. Business development is a combination of both and you’re doing it 24/7 like when an opportunity arises at 9 pm at night or standing in line at the theatre – you jump on it.

What are some of your fondest memories? That’s a really tough question, not to be lazy but they all stand out. Generally, there is something in every program and every conference, you take away something special from each. One memory that stands out was about 1999, when what is now known as World Workplace was going to be held in Los Angeles. It was the first time IFMA Headquarters came to the local chapters to seek help.   We called on all 6 of the local Southern California Chapters – San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, Central Coast and San Diego – to help organize the event in Los Angeles. I think that was a very special moment to get six remote chapters working together to have a major successful international conference. In addition, I got involved with the Foundation and in helping put together the Gala held at Cicada in downtown Los Angeles. That event was a major success and I think we netted $90,000 for the Foundation and that became the benchmark for future galas.

When I went to my first Computer Applications Council meeting I volunteered to be Vice President. My friend laughed because I didn’t know how to use a computer and I think I had just gotten email. From there I became President six months later. The Council was floundering so I put a group of about 20 people together in the Greater LA area and we were able to do things that had never been done before bringing the membership from 200 to 750 members in a two year period. All of this got people who had not been very active in local Chapters to be active in this Council as what we were doing was very special and unique and had never been done before. To this day, people still comment to me that they got active in the Chapter because of the Council and that makes me feel good.

What positions have you held over the years? I have been the SFV President two times and SFV Vice President two or three times since 1991. For the SFV Chapter as the chairperson for Programs, Newsletter, Sponsorship and the Golf Committee. On the international side I was the president of the Computer Applications Program (currently the IT Council) from 1995 to 1998, and on the IFMA Foundation’s Sponsorship Committee since 1999.

What are you up to when you are not on “IFMA Time”? I am very busy outside of the IFMA circle. My life revolves around my business. I like hanging out with my friends. For myself, mostly I do long spa weekends. I also enjoy going to the gun club and shooting. In addition, I am involved with a few non-profit organizations, Back On My Feet and the Los Angeles Educational Partnership.

“I just want to congratulate the chapter for being able to grow over the past 30 years and on how the chapter has helped numbers of people to expand their career opportunities. Plus, how the chapter has allowed so many people feel welcomed every time they come to a chapter meeting, are involved with or attend a chapter event.   The chapter has been true to its original mission that was part of the chapter’s rebirth in 1991.” Rodney Stone, Associate AIA, CID, Programs Chair SFV Chapter – President, ENV, Los Angeles

As published in the IFMA San Fernando Valley Chapter 30th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet October 2017

Note: Step 1 – Join IFMA; Step 2 – Join SFV Chapter

Please contact our Chapter Membership Chair, Dawn Howell for information on joining IFMA and our chapter. You will also see Dawn at many of our events where you can speak to her in person. She does an amazing job growing our membership and will be happy to provide you with all the membership details and forms: Cell (424) 208-9122 Email:

Over the past 5 years, my IFMA membership has proven to be a tremendous value time and time again. From the first SFV chapter event I attended where I was warmly greeted and introduced to several other members, to my experiences today being a part of the SFV team as a Membership Chair, there are so many fond memories.

I get so much more back than I put into it and have gained lasting relationships both professionally and personally that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been a part of this organization. With all of the educational and networking events and the exposure it has given Haworth, I plan to be a lifetime member as many others have been and I would highly recommend this organization to other business professionals.” Dawn Howell, Business Development Executive, Haworth

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